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By: Carmel Miller & Leslie Christie

In this "pandemic-ridden" world we live in, it can be extremely difficult to raise young children. It's hard to know what's safe anymore, or who is safe for your children to be around. Truth be told, it doesn't even matter if they are family or not. I mean, a virus is a virus, right!?! And viruses surely don't care who they attach themselves to.

So what do we do with our children?

Most of the time we shelter them. We keep them real close. We keep them in our sight - and we absolutely should! After all, we are living in C-R-A-Z-Y times!

But many times we bring them into adults situations and conversations, forcing them to bear the burdens of these crazy times. Think about it! They talk about world conditions in school. They see world conditions on TV or on social media. Then they come home and hear it again at home. Our children are inundated with stuff that they shouldn't even think about.

But what about just letting Kids be Kids!?!

Psalm 127:3 says, “Children are a gift from the Lord; they are a reward from Him.

God wants us to glorify Him by finding ways to allow our children to enjoy their childhood for as long, and as strong, as they can.

So how do we allow Kids to be Kids! Well, here are 7 Nuggets of Wisdom for you.

1. Let kid’s play!

2. Give children great memories, and times of fun! (i.e. trips, play games with them, etc.)

3. Share your skills with them. Teach them how to do things that you do. Pass on traditions. (i.e. cooking, fixing things, etc.)

4. Give them a fun assignment. (Like having them take care of a bag of flour for a week, as if it were a baby.)

5. Compliment them often to encourage them and boost their confidence. Don’t let pointing out the negative be the main words they remember coming from you.

6. Take them shopping and let them choose some outfits. It helps them identify their style.

7. Share your faith with them, and expand their faith as a child. Pray with them. Read the Bible with them. Don’t allow Sunday service to be their only exposure to the faith that you, as parent or guardian, express to have.

Check out the full show at the Wisdom Girl Wise Woman Facebook or YouTube page,

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